If you would like me to produce a watercolour painting based on a detail aspect of your car, I am happy to have a no obligation discussion about your requirements.

I approach a commission by finding out about my subject. This may involve an initial conversation by phone or as part of a visit to see the vehicle.

Having arranged a visit to see you and your car, I will need to take a number of photographs of it. Back in my studio I will review the photographs and make a selection for us to discuss and agree on for a painting. At this stage I will provide a quote. Quotes are based on the size and likely complexity of the painting.

If you decide to proceed, I will at this point request a non-refundable deposit to cover materials, etc. The deposit will be off-set against the final cost of the painting. Once the creation of the painting commences I will, from time to time, provide in-progress photographs of the work.

The completed painting will be framed and delivery and payment arranged.